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Welding curtain

Welding Curtain


The process welding results in several hazardous radiation, e.g. infra-red and ultra-violet, harmful to the eyes. The person conducting the welding directly is protected by clothes and mask especially developed, but workers in close quarters should be protected, as well. In order to achieve that, work stations of different sizes are established. The easiest solution is provided by the welding- or protective curtains. The color selection of strips and sheets helps you in creating the optimal work area divisions.
In case a visual access to the work station is necessary, we recommend the transparent red, green, or bronze materials.
In case an enhanced shutter function is necessary for developing a welding box, the matte dark green curtain provides the best protection. The protective curtains prevents diffusion of sparks and sliver by cutting and whetting work stations.
Welding and protective curtains can be installed to fixed or mobile frames.

Hanging rail: stainless or galvanised steel.
Strip types: EN 1598 certified ANTI-UV, or ANTI-UV only.
Sheet types: EN 1598 certified ANTI-UV, or ANTI-UV only.

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