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Hőstop Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

   100% Money back Guarantee

We guarantee that you will have the chance to experience the benefits of the Hőstop® curtain. You don’t have to worry, if the product doesn’t reach the required protection we would take it back in 30 days and refund the price.

  5 years Product Warranty

Our curtains are made from first-class and premium quality materials which all meets the requirements of directives of the EU.
We guarantee our products for 5 years.

  3 workday Production Time

Beside the standard materials we also have special (e.g. welding, antistatic, anti-insect, food contact etc.) products in our stock. This is reason why we can take 3 workdays production time for the Hőstop® curtains and swing doors. 

  Used Curtain Repurchase

Our company, Hőstop-Plastika Kft. makes great efforts in environmental protection. The Hőstop® products are in a high degree fabricated of recycled materials, therefore we take back PVC and steel particles for that purpose.

For more information contact our customer service.

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