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Hanging System for Curtains


Steel Hanging Systems

The Hőstop® steel hanging systems are easy to install due to their exclusive engineering. The hanging system is primarily developed for industrial applications, made of stainless (AISI 304) or galvanized steel, depending on the application area. The strip overlap can easily be modified in the hanging system. In case strips are damaged, replacement, reparation, and restoration to original form is easy. As per request, an cover plate can be purchased as a complement to the hanging rail. Hanging rails are fabricated with different length to achieve the optimum curtain width. The size of the plate set is adjusted to the strip- and sheet widths.

Heavy Duty Reinforced Steel Hanging Systems

This solution is recommended for extreme high openings or openings with very intensive traffic. It is fabricated with special reinforced hanging hooks and cover plate. Standard option is galvanised, but stainless (AISI 304) version is available.

Plastic Hanging Profiles

This special triple profile set is a recommended fixture for lighter use curtains, especially for curtains catering for personnel traffic. With this profile curtains with no strip overlap can be installed.
Following the fixing of profile ’C’, the strip curtain fastened between profile ’A’ and ’B’ shall be clicked in. This hanging system may be applied with a maximum of 2 mm thick strips.


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