The lifetime of the curtains depends on the frequency of the use and the mechanical effects hit them. A curtain hanging in the door of a shop begin to grow old after 6-8 years. It looses its colour but it does not influence its flexibility and other mechanical capacity. The curtains of the heavy employed industrial gates have to be replaced after 2-3 year.

By smaller dirt the normal window cleaner and a soft, dry textile or paper wiper is enough. By stronger dirt take the strips down, wash them with a wet, washing powdered wiper, then dry them with window cleaner and a paper wiper. The surface of the greater industrial curtains could be scratched. For safety reasons it is better to exchange them.

We can help you by phone, too. However, you can ask for a measurement and consultation in the field. Our customer service can give you more information.

No, they don’t. The prices are costed in accordance with the needed material so you can buy the larger curtains at a better price.

The inquiry form includes the most important items. The inquire forms available just in hungarian language.

Our informations come from the data of the chillers. They show 50% lower energy consumption. In the case of doors and gates punctual measures can’t be said because it depends on a lot of factors, for example the draught, the size of the strips or the difference between the inner and the outer temperature. However, the difference is perceptible.

No, we haven’t. We manufacture every piece by custom because every door is different. Our deadline is 1-3 workdays which depends on the dimension of the door and the required type of the strip.

No, you don’t. The normal strip-curtains can be used outdoor. Antifreeze is allowed only where the temperature is under 0°C every day in the year (like freezing cabins and houses). If the temperature is up to 0°C the antifreeze strips can stick together which may cause difficulties in the traffic through the curtain.

DOP and DEHP are softening materials which are used in production of PVC. However, both materials have been prohibited in the EU since 18 October 2008. The Hőstop® strips and sheets we sell contain neither DOP or DEHP.

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